Energy Sector

We partner with resources, services and technology companies in the energy sector to expand their products or services into new markets and improve their share of existing markets. These companies may lack the energy sector experience to deliver their strategy or are failing to sell their vision to commercial partners.


We work with companies which are pioneering and visionary, and may be stalled after research and development, to get the business to market or need guidance as to which markets to target. Growth capital may be required but these companies have no experience in how to present their vision to commercial partners and the options available to them from different types of investment.

Risk Mitigation

We help to simplify companies with complex business models, or are atypical or have high commercialisation risks. Such companies generally have had disappointing attempts at raising capital as investors deem them too high risk to invest or are unable to understand their value potential. These companies want to look beyond short term liquidity in favour of sustainable value realisation.

Realised Full Value

We support immature or stranded companies that may be consistently failing to achieve their strategic goals and are unsuccessful in attracting investment. The strategic plans of these companies may be too narrow in commercial scope and a lack of strong direction has left them stranded far from their full value potential.