About Us

The vision of Columbus Energy Partners is to strive beyond the barriers that restrict the potential of pioneering energy sector businesses to realise their sustainable value.

Columbus Energy Partners was founded by energy sector senior executives in 2006 to offer a differentiated approach to realise and sustain value on three fundamental principles:

  • We consider proven acceleration methodologies, disciplined leadership and smart capitalisation are mutually dependent to ensure resources are targeted where they are most critical to ensure strategic deficiencies are corrected effectively and efficiently.
  • We collaborate with businesses where existing leadership recognise the need for more than just short term strategic change or a near term liquidity event. Pioneering businesses require a diversity of creativity, governance, markets knowledge, smart capitalisation and commercial diversity to realise and sustain their value.
  • We enable companies viewed as atypical, complicated or with high delivery risk to de-risk and optimise their business models. This de-risking enables companies to strengthen their brand and avoid dilution of strategy due to under-valuation.

Columbus Energy Partners retains an international network of experts from global geographies, multiple disciplines, industries and cultures. The members of the partnership are energy sector experts with extensive careers designing and implementing profitable business strategies, transforming operational and organisational productivity and increasing the investment value of companies.